Hoppekids 2-sided carpet for Playpen 100×100 cm, Baby blue/Sand Fairytale Knight

Item number: 36-4607-LB-000
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Product information

Color Blue
Width (mm) 1000
Length (mm) 1000
Height (mm) 20
EAN 5706558010427

The carpet from Hoppekids is a cozy and comfortable addition to the play pen or when your little is lying on the floor. It creates a soft and nice surface while protecting your child from draught and cold.

The colors are kept in soft tones to create a calm atmosphere. The carpet has two different colors and you can turn the carpet over to show a different color.

If the carpet is being used in the IDA-MARIE playpen the carpet will create a small wall on the sides of the play pen. Besides creating a barrier to protect your child from draught, it will also prevent pacifiers, toys and teddies from escaping through the bars.

Cute and comfortable carpet in soft colors from Hoppekids. The carpet adds a comfortable layer to the bottom of the play pen or the floor. It protects your child from draught and cold air. The carpet is two-sided and made from Oeko-Tex 100-certified fabrics.

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