Hoppekids BASIC Junior bed with safety rail - White

Item number: BASIC-A2-1
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Suggested retail price DKK 1,958.00
Color White
Width (mm) 980
Length (mm) 2080
Height (mm) 560
EAN 5706558025605

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Hoppekids Junior bed size 90×200 with safety rail is the perfect base for a “big kid bed”. The bed can be used alone or withone of the smart modules.

If the bed is used alone it’s the perfect day bed or sofa bed. Under the bed you’ll find lots of room for storage – e.g. with the big, spacious drawers on wheels from Hoppekids.

BASIC Junior bed is used as a foundation for all beds from the BASIC collection. This means you can easily transform your bed into e.g. a half high bed or other beds with height. On other words: The bed can grow with your child!

The bed carries the Nordic Swan label.
The Nordic Swan label is your guarantee that the product has been tested on and complies with all EU standards in children’s furniture. At the same time, the greatest possible consideration is given to the environment both when purchasing raw materials, during the production itself, in the product’s life and when the product is to be disposed of.

The surface is treated with water-based, environmentally friendly lacquer without harmful substances and unnecessary chemistry.

The big size 90×200 cm offers lots of room to grow and the child can use the bed right until they’re looking for a teenage room. The size also allows for a parent to lie down next to the child, for instance when reading bedtime stories. Size 90×200 cm is also the size which gives you the best possibilities for transforming your bed at a later time – e.g. into a bunk bed, high sleeper and mid high bed.

The safety rail can be mounted in either left or right side of the bed.

The junior bed with safety rail from Hoppekids size 90×200 cm is a smart and cute junior bed. The safety rail The safety rail makes it safe and comfortable to snuggle up in the bed.
The bed, like all other beds from the BASIC collection, carries the Nordic Swan label and the surface has been treated with a water-based, environmentally friendly lacquer. It is possible to buy a lot of nice accessories for the bed – e.g. large drawers, textiles, mattresses and more.

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