Hoppekids Bed bumper 60×120 cm, Baby blue

Item number: 36-4205-LB-000
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Product information

Suggested retail price DKK 419.00
Color Baby blue, striped
Width (mm) 600
Length (mm) 1200
EAN 5706558002033

The cute, softly colored bed bumper from Hoppekids adds a soft and comfortable feel to the in the bed while protecting your little one against draught and cold.

The bed bumper protects the small arms and legs from getting stuck between the bars and and creates a soft barrier so the child won’t accidentially kick or hit the sides of the the beds sider.

The bed bumper is kept in soft colors to keep a relaxing atmpsphere in the in the bed. The bed bumper can also shield the baby against sounds and other disturbing elements.

As an added bonus, the bed bumperen will stop pacifiers, plushies and other soft friends from escaping during the night.

The bed bumper is easy to mount to the bed – just tie the short ties around the bars. The bed bumper is closed using velcro and can be washed at 30 degrees.

This cute bed bumper adds extra comfort and a soft wall to the baby bed. It protects your child from draught and cold air. The bed bumper is easy to install and can be washed. Available in more colors.

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