Hoppekids Cold foam mattress - White

Item number: 40-0512-99-07M
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Suggested retail price DKK 959.00
Color White
Width (mm) 700
Length (mm) 1600
Height (mm) 120
EAN 5706558015057

The cold foam mattress size 70x160x12 cm from Hoppekids is a firm mattress with high comfort and air flow. The mattress offers great support and a comfortable temperature during the night.

The body zones ensures support no matter your child’s sleeping position.

Cold foam is naturally fire retardant and has a long durability. The mattress is Oeko-Tex 100 certified, which ensures that the mattress is free of unnecessary and harmful chemicals.

The mattress comes with a quilted mattress cover.

We recommend always using the mattress with a mattress cover as this will increase the mattress’ durability. We also recommend using a sheet when sleeping on the mattress.

Comfortable cold foam mattress in the size 70x12x160 cm from Hoppekids. The mattress is firm and has ventilation wedges for increased air flow during the night.

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