Hoppekids Curtain for mid high bed - Blue/Green

Item number: 36-2510-LB-07M
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Suggested retail price DKK 659.00
Color Blue/Green
Width (mm) 700
Length (mm) 1600
EAN 5706558032719

Assembly instructions

The hand sown curtain from Hoppekids creates a magical fairytale world in the children’s room. When you attach the curtain to the bed it is no longer a bed. Instead it’s a space ship, a castle, a time machine or what ever else your imgagination might fancy.

The curtain creates a cozy cave below the mid high bed, making it the perfect place for playtime or when your child needs a break from the rest of the world. Decorate the cave with lots of nice things, such as a mattress, pillows, blankets, fairy lights and so on.

There are lots of matching textiles from the universe Dinosaur.

NB! This curtain fit BASIC and PREMIUM mid high beds with mattress size 70×160 cm.

Bed and other accessories are sold separately.

A fun and cool curtain from the universe Dinosaur for the half high bed size 70×160 cm from Hoppekids. The curtain creates a neat atmosphere in the room and a nice little cave under the bed.

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