Hoppekids DELUXE Bedeside for - White

Item number: 36-4281-82-09A
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Product information

Suggested retail price DKK 1,279.00
Color White
Width (mm) 110
Length (mm) 1900
Height (mm) 940
EAN 5706558023427

Assembly instructions

The bed side for DELUXE-beds from Hoppekids. The bed side is used as a foundation for all DELUXE-beds. Combine it with bed ends and accessories, to design the perfect sofa bed for the room.

The DELUXE bedfrom Hoppekidsis the classic sofa bed with a modern twist. There are lots of attention to details – both on the bed and on the accessories. The result is a comfortable bed with in a high quality. All DELUXE-beds are available in size 90×200 cm.

The bed ends are available in three different heights: Low – 48 cm, medium –64 cm and high 90 cm.

The accessories for DELUXE are carefully chosen and is optimized towards making use of the space beneath the bed.An example is the pull out bed which offers both an extra bunk and storage. The pull out bed is available in two depths, enabling you to choose based on the amount of space you have in front of your bed.

A removable safety rail is also available. The safety rail is deal for the children moving from a baby bed to the DELUXE bed. The safety rail can be moved during the day or fastened using screws if you’re looking for a more permament solution. This won’t leave any visible holes in the bed.

NB! This is the bed side. It contains the side of the bed and slats. Bed ends, mattresses and accessories are sold separately.

Bed side for DELUXE-sofa bed from Hoppekids. The bed side is used as a foundation for all DELUXE beds. Combine with bed ends in a height of your choice and neat accessories. It is made from FSC®-certificeret (FSC-C109484) -certified pine wood and the surface is treated with water-based lacquer without harmful substances and unnecessary chemistry.

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