Hoppekids Module for BASIC mid high bed - White

Item number: 36-1007-32-09A
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Product information

Suggested retail price DKK 1,939.00
Color White
Width (mm) 1010
Length (mm) 2080
Height (mm) 1450
EAN 5706558019680

Assembly instructions

If you consider changing your Hoppekids Junior Bed into a BASIC mid high bed size 90×200 cm this is the modul you weill need.
The Midhigh bed will fit into even the smallst room and give you lots of extra floor space. The height of 145 cm is great for the bigger child because they can climb to bed without it feeling too dangerous.

Under the bed you’ll find lots of space for storage or extra room on the floor. The height under the floor is 108 cm which makes the space perfect for a neat and adventerous play area.

If you hang a curtain on the bed you can create the coziest little cave – and maybe decorate it with fairy lights, lovely pictures, a mattress, pillows and more.

The module carries the Nordic Swan label.
. The Nordic Swan label is your guarantee that the product has been tested on and complies with all EU standards in children’s furniture. At the same time, the greatest possible consideration is given to the environment both when purchasing raw materials, during the production itself, in the product’s life and when the product is to be disposed of.

The surface is treated with water-based lacquer without harmful substances and unnecessary chemistry.

The big size 90×200 cm gives your child lots of room to grow and you can easily use the bed until they’re ready for the teenage room. The size also allows for an adult to use the bed or to lie next to the child when reading bedtime stories.

NB! This is the module to build the mid high bed and not the complete bed. BASIC Junior bed 90×200 cm is sold separately.

With this mid high module size 90×200 cm from Hoppekids you can transform the junior bed into a mid high bed. The mid high bed is a nice and practical bed which has lots of room for playing or extra storage underneath the bed. The module, like all other beds and modules from BASIC, carries the Nordic Swan Label and is surface treated with water-based lacquer. There are lots of accessories available for the beds.