STOREY Side unit

Item number: 38-0001-32-001
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The side unit is the base of any Storey shelf as this is where shelves, desks and other accessories will be attached.

The shelves are build by creating one single section with two side units and shelves etc. in between. If you want to add a section, simply add one side unit, shelves and cross-supports to your existing Storey and you’re good to go. Two sections always share three side-units and you can keep adding sections as you please.

The advantages of this system is that it, besides being sturdier, will save you some valuable space in the room.

The sections are available in different sizes and you can combine them in any way you want. Just remember to add cross-supports for stability and safety.

Storey is treated with water-based lacquer and can be cleaned with soap and water.

Product information

Color 1 side unit, white
Width (mm) 30
Length (mm) 390
Height (mm) 1815
EAN 5706558035338

Assembly instructions

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