STOREY Shelf – 2 sections w. 8 shelves

Item number: STO-20-080
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Product information

Color 80 cm, white
Width (mm) 390
Length (mm) 1690
Height (mm) 1815
EAN 5706558036342

Assembly instructions

This combination with two sections and eight shelves gives you a diverse and flexible storage solution for your children’s room. The shelves can be placed in 56 different positions, which gives you lots of possibilities to store the really tall, the really flat or the really awkward items you always find in a room like this.

You can always re-build or modify your Storey as your and your child’s needs change.

This package consists of three side units, eight shelves and four cross-supports. It is available in different sizes.

Storey has been treated with water-based lacquer and can be cleaned with soap and water.

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