STOREY Shelf – 3 sections w. 12 shelves and desk

Item number: STO-34-001
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Product information

Color 80 cm, white
Width (mm) 575
Length (mm) 2520
Height (mm) 1815
EAN 5706558036434

Assembly instructions

When making this combination we played around with the idea of using the shelves to host different kinds of interests. The desk and the 12 shelves gives you lots of great storage and a workspace which can always grow with your child. The shelves and the desk can both be placed in 56 different positions, making it possible to fit the really large, the really small and the really weird items.

In one side we have placed a cross-support to use it as a place for hangers with dress-up-items. The bottom shelf serve as a shoe-rack and the shelf above can store hats, crowns and what not. The table is a hair-saloon, unless, of course, it needs to be a workspace for homework or drawing cool things.

Just as you decide where to place the individual modules you can also decide to not make a dress-up area and instead spread out the shelves a little more, add another desk or something entirely different. The sky is the limit with Storey.

This package consists of four side units, 12 shelves, a desk and six cross-supports. It is available in different sizes.

Storey has been treated with water-based lacquer and can be cleaned with soap and water.

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