STOREY Shelves

Item number: 38-0002-82-082
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Product information

Color 80 cm, white
Width (mm) 380
Length (mm) 800
EAN 5706558035352

Assembly instructions

The shelves in Storey is large and broad – and, if we may say so, rather good at storing all those oddly sized items you find in a children’s room.

The shelves are available in different sizes which enables you to decide the size of your shelf and creating the shelf that fits perfectly into that particular wall in the room. You know, the one you’ve been wondering what to do with.

The shelves are mounted directly on the side units and with 56 different positions it should be possible to find space for both the really tall, the really small and the really weird things.

Storey is treated with water-based lacquer and can be cleaned with soap and water.

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