Storey – the shelf system from Hoppekids – is a flexible and simple system, which creates the perfect storage solution to any children’s room. The simple design of Storey showcase the beloved toys, childhood treasures and décor beautifully and let them shine as the true heroes of the children’s room.

The many combinations and the accessories makes Storey a sustainable and long-term solution because it can develop along with the child. For instance, add the desk accessory to create a work station or replace a few shelves with a bed to create a lounge area in the room.

The system is built one section at a time. Two sections share one divider in order to avoid wasting space in the room like you would using e.g. two free standing shelves next to each other.

The design on Storey is a perfect fit to other Hoppekids’ furniture and in particular the flatbed from BASIC and our pillows.

One for every size!

Storey is available in width 80 cm and 100 cm. You can mix and match and thereby decide the total width of your Storey. With 56 posistions for shelves and support bars, you really can fit nearly everything in your Storey  and let the desk keep up with your child’s growth!

This shelf refuses to tip!

Ususally, the whole idea of not tipping is frown upon, but when dealing with tall shelves in a child’s room it’s pretty important. Of course, any Storey combination comes with easy to mount and adjust security features.


Is it a fantastic new invention? Not really, but it is probably your child’s new favourite place. The desk module can be placed at any height, making  it perfect for a work station – or maybe the world’s coolest engineering lab or fashion designer office!

Easy to use locking system

The smart and easy to use locking system allows you to quickly built and re-arrange your Storey.  Shelves, desk and other accessories are easily and securely fastened to the side-support. It’s really as easy as tightening a screw! Just be sure to lock all of them, it’s the secret to building this, after all.

Combinations from STOREY


Modules from STOREY