BASIC is the most popular beds and accessories put together in a cost-conscious collection. The design is simple and light, which adds an elegant touch to any room. The BASIC collection is for anyone who is looking for a simple choice and only wants a selection of possibilities for future modification.

A good collection of the most popular models

In BASIC you can find the most popular beds, such as the practical junior bed, the fun halfhigh bed – with or without a slide, the cozy canopy bed or the cleverly designed high bed with a desktop and lots of floor space underneath.

Most of the models in BASIC are modular. This means that the bed is built using a junior bed as a base with a module attached to it. For instance, if you purchase a halfhigh bed you would be able to use it both as a junior bed and as a halfhigh bed, because the module is easy to attach or remove. A small selection of beds is also available in a non-divisible and cost-conscious edition.

Benefits of Basic

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The Basic System is Ecolabelled. This is your guarantee that products marked with Nordic Swan Ecolabel logo and TUV GS logo fulfill or exceed EU standards regarding children’s furniture and have been tested accordingly. At the same time the largest possible consideration for the environment has been taken into account both when buying the raw material, during production, in the life of the product and when the product is being disposed.

Divisible beds from BASIC

Non-divisible beds from BASIC

Accessories from BASIC

Modules from BASIC