DELUXE is the classic sofa bed with a modern twist.

To create the highest comfort and quality we have paid careful attention to all details of the DELUXE bed. All beds are available in 90×200 cm.

The design is timeless and the exchangeable bed ends are available in several different heights. This makes makes DELUXE perfect for any room – even those with slanted walls. The bed ends are available in two designs: MAJA, which is even, and NOAH, which has grooves.

The accessories for DELUXE is carefully chosen and has a focus on optimizing the space beneath the bed. The big, wide drawers are as deep as the bed. They come with or without an inserted division. The pull-out bed with built-in drawers is available in two different sizes: 90×160 cm, which utilizes the depth of the bed and 70×190, which is great if you do not have a lot of room in front of the bed. Both drawers and pull-out beds utilize the entire height under the bed.

The moveable security rail makes DELUXE a great bed for smaller children, because the security rail can be removed during the day and once the child no longer needs the added protection. The molded bed frame with flexible slats adds comfort and adjusts itself to the child’s body – even in periods with growing spurts.

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