Here you can read more about our baby products – that is products for 0-3-year-olds. We greatly emphasize that furniture from Hoppekids should be a sensible purchase and we therefore always try to enhance the lifetime of our products. For that reason, our cradle for example can be turned into a bench. This ensures that you can enjoy the product long after the little one has outgrown the cradle.

The ANTON Baby Bed

ANTON is the Ecolabelled cot from Hoppekids with a size of 60x120cm. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel guarantees that the cot lives up to strict standards regarding quality and environment. You can thereby also be comfortable with the safety and health of your kids, when they move in, on, and near the bed.

Design for durability

The clever design of ANTON enables you to rebuild the cot into a bench, thereby prolonging the usage time significantly. And if a baby brother or sister should arrive, ANTON can simply be turned into a cot again.

The bottom of the cot can be set to two different heights, so it fits the size of your child. Find ANTON here.

The Cradle

The cute little cradle from Hoppekids with a mattress size of 40x80cm, creates a safe base for your newborn. The small size makes the transition from mom’s belly easier, as your baby is used to limited space.

The cradle provides a comfortable and safe movement resembling the movement, your baby recognizes from mom’s belly.

Design for durability

The cradle can be rebuilt into a small bench, when it is no longer needed as a sleeping space – prolonging the usage time considerably. And if a baby sister or brother arrives, the bench can just be turned into a cradle again. You can find the cradle here.

Allergy-friendly Baby Mattresses

At Hoppekids, you can find Ecolabelled and allergy-friendly mattresses for your baby. The ECO Dream mattress has a mattress core of Waterlily ® foam and a mattress cover of bamboo fibres, which give a soft surface and a firm core.

ECO Dream come in the size 80x40x7 cm, which fits the cradle – find it here!

ECO Dream also comes in the size 120x60x9 cm, which fits the ANTON baby bed – find it here!