All of Hoppekids’ products are produced to last and can often be passed on to younger siblings.

However, every child has individual personalities, taste and wishes. With Hoppekids’ textile series you can personalize each furniture, accoding to their age and taste. This feature will make it easy to pass on furniture to younger siblings.

Please explore our universes to find the perfect fit for your home and your child. To give you an easy overview, we have divided our products into Universes, but you can easlily mix and match as you see fit.


New best friends You hear a woof and a miaow from the room. What is that? Did your child bring … Read more


Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the princess here? A princess has beautiful hair, nice dresses and sing very … Read more


Wroom wroom Full speed and only hold back if red! Drive wild and dangerous on the race track and make … Read more


The artist Is your child a creative soul who loves “do it yourself” (DIY) and other artistic projects? Explore the … Read more

Winter Wonderland

The heavy, sparkling snow squeaks under your feet and you can see your breath as you step into the landscape. … Read more


STOP! Says the bright red sign hanging on the middle of the closed door. From the room, there are knocking … Read more


When the world needs more magic dust, rainbows, and unicorns, the universe Unicorn is perfect. It’s a known fact that … Read more


They have big teeth – and arms too short to reach the cookie jar. Cookies weren’t even invented when these … Read more

Fairytale Flower

Princess dreams Is the best thing in the world to climb the princess tower and behold the kingdom? Or to … Read more

Fairytale Knight

Honor and pillows when dragons, trolls, and giants besiege your castle, this universe is ideal. The King or Queen can … Read more

My Color

The colors of 2020 Beds from My Color Accessories from My Color Modules for My Color