Hoppekids Mattress Guide

Choose the right mattress for your child

It's one thing to figure out which bed fits your child and your home the best (pssst! See guide for choosing the right bed) Another thing is to then choose the right mattress for your child. There are a lot of different mattress types and we wish to help you find a mattress that fits your child.

We've gathered all the mattress types you can find at Hoppekids in a guide, which can help provide you with an overview of what proporties the different mattress types have, so you can find a mattress that fits your children's bed. Our mattress guide can be used as a lexicon if you are unsure of which mattress to choose.

If you want to know more about choice of mattress for your kid's bed, you can read further about types of foam and how to maintain your mattress

FAQ about mattresses

Not sure which mattress to choose for your child, how often to change or how to maintain your mattress? Then read on for answers to your questions.

What is the best mattress for kids?

The best mattress for at child really depends on the child. But it's always good to go for a mattress which is made of breathable, sweat-wicking material and avoid mattresses with plastic covers. Because children releases a lot of moisture through their breath and skin when they sleep.

If your child suffers from dust mite allergies the best would be a allergy-friendly and sustainable mattress

When you are looking for the best mattress for your child, you also consider the height of the mattress because some beds recommend that the mattress is only 9 cm high and others 12 cm high. 

  • For our BASIC and IDA MARIE bed ranges, we recommend mattresses that are 9 cm high.
  • For our PREMIUM bed series, we recommend mattresses that are 12 cm high.
Types of mattresses for kids

At Hoppekids you can get a varies for different mattresses for kids with different benefits. 

Flax mattress

  • Our flax mattress for cribs and playpens has a core of foam and a top layer of flax felt. Flax is a 100% natural material that insulates well against the cold and counteracts depressions in the mattress. Flax is hugely breathable and helps maintain a good, comfortable temperature throughout the night.

Foam mattress

  • The Hoppekids conventional foam mattress is a certified foam mattress that provides good support and a comfortable night's sleep.

Cold foam mattress

  • Hoppekids cold foam mattresses are modern comfort mattresses. HR (High Resilience) foam is characterised by long lifetime, better carrying capacity and optimal sleeping comfort through individual comfort zones in the mattress. The mattress has good breathability and helps maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night.
  • Cold foam is naturally flame retardant and has a long lifetime.

Swan-labelled Waterlily® mattress

  • Our swan-labelled and hypoallergenic ECO Dream and ECO Luxury mattresses are the best mattresses from Hoppekids and they are made of Waterlily® foam, which provides a soft surface and dimensionally stable interior, ensuring your child maximum comfort and a good night's sleep.
  • Waterlily® foam is an environmentally friendly, high-quality product that provides a springy, soft and comfortable comfort that is even better than cold foam. The structure allows air to move easily through the material, ensuring no heat or moisture builds up on the surface.
  • Waterlily is an environmentally friendly and durable material that takes safety, health and environmental aspects into account throughout the lifecycle of the product. Waterlily retains its shape and thereby provides lasting comfort properties. The mattress core is flame retardant without the use of additives.

The mattresses and sizes for the kids' beds  

At Hoppekids, we have a wide range of mattress sizes to suit every bed - whether you're looking for a baby mattress or a junior mattress.

Mattresses for the cradle:

  • Flax mattress: 80x7x40 cm
  • Foam mattress: 80x7x40 cm
  • Swan-labelled mattress: 80x7x40 cm

Mattress for play pens:

  • Flax mattress: 91x71x85 cm

Mattresses for the crib

  • Flax mattress: 120x7x60 cm
  • Swan-labelled mattress: 120x9x60 cm

Mattresses for a juniorbed:

The sizes of foam mattresses:

  • 160x9x70 cm
  • 160x12x70 cm
  • 190x9x70 cm
  • 190x9x90 cm
  • 200x9x90 cm
  • 200x12x90 cm

The sizes of cold foam mattresses:

  • 160x9x70 cm
  • 160x12x70 cm
  • 190x9x70 cm
  • 190x9x90 cm
  • 200x9x90 cm
  • 200x12x90 cm

The sizes of Swan-labelled ECO Dream for junior beds:

  • 160x9x70 cm
  • 200x9x90 cm

The sizes of Swan-labelled ECO Luxury for junior beds:

  • 160x12x70 cm
  • 200x12x90 cm
  • 200x12x120 cm
Kids' mattresses without chemicals 

  • All Hoppekids mattresses are made from Oeko-tex 100 certified textiles, which ensures that the mattresses are free from unnecessary and harmful chemicals.
  • Our swan-labelled ECO mattresses are also hypoallergenic and a good choice for children suffering from dust mite allergies.
How to maintain the kids' mattress

  1. A good sleeping environment means good ventilation - and that goes for your mattress too. Bedspreads and duvets prevent moisture from evaporating from the mattress. So don't put bedspreads and duvets on top of your mattress right away. Give the mattress some air so that sweat can evaporate.

  2. Rotate the mattress regularly to prevent it from compressing where it is most often stressed. Rotate it once a quarter - e.g. head/foot.

  3. Air under the mattress keeps it ventilated. A slatted bed base lets air in, unlike solid wood or masonite bases, which can eventually cause moisture damage.

  4. If your new mattress is roll-packed, it is recommended to let the mattress rest for 48 hours before using it.

How to clean a kids' mattress
  • We recommend washing the cover of our foam, cold foam and linen mattresses at 30 degrees.
  • The cover of our ECO Dream and ECO Luxury mattresses can be washed at 60 degrees. After washing, the cover should be stretched while wet. Do not tumble dry.