Room for big dreams

high bed

- With movable furniture and clever solutions

 A children’s room has to accommodate a large span of activities. Some days, your child wants to read quietly in the bed or do homework at the desk. Other days, the room is full of energy and what feels like all of the toys will be spread out on the floor. This calls for a room with flexible solutions – especially in rooms where floor space is sparse.


Furniture on wheels gives you flexibility

Furniture on wheels makes it easy to re-organize the layout of the room, for instance, to create more floor space. The JONAS desk and the bookshelf on wheels both fit perfectly under the halfhigh bed. The lockable wheels enable bigger children to move the furniture on their own while ensuring that the furniture stands perfectly still when the wheels are locked. It also helps you maintain a healthier in-door climate in the room because the furniture can be moved out of the way so the vacuum cleaner can reach the corners.

The flexible furniture makes it easy for you to have multiple functions in the same space. When the bookshelf on wheels is placed under the bed there is still room for a small cave behind it. The top of the bookshelf is the perfect height for a playing table while the desk can work as a night stand for the bed.