The way to a durable children's room

The way to a durable room

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A durable room

Choose the Nordic Swan Ecolabel when choosing children’s furniture. That way, you get sustainable furniture without harming or straining the environment. That’s how you secure a children’s room with space for playing and developing – without damaging chemicals and without straining mother nature.

Some say the kitchen is the most important room in a home. Others state it’s the bathroom. But for René Stenvang, founder of children’s furniture company Hoppekids, the children’s room IS the most important room in one’s home. 

“If you have children, you know that they are the most important part of your world. Therefore, the children’s room is also the most important room, because this is where our children play, learn and develop,” 

René Stenvang explains.

He emphasizes that therefore there are two types of children’s furniture – There’s children’s furniture and then there’s children’s furniture with heart and soul. This means that production isn’t just focused on aesthetics and costs – It is equally focused on the health of the child and the environment.

The swan-shaped needle’s eye

But how can you ensure both the health of a child and the environment in the production of furniture? It’s essentially about one word. Svanemærket, The Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Most people undoubtedly associate the little logo with something positive but it’s probably not the case for all furniture manufacturers. 

It’s extremely difficult getting approved to carry the little white and green logo. In addition to the fact that swan-labelled furniture can’t contain coating treatment with dangerous chemicals or other harmful substances, they must also comply with a wide range of requirements in terms of durability, strength and stability. The longer the furniture lasts, the smaller the carbon footprint and environmental impact.

According to René Stenvang, it’s a great idea to opt for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel when choosing children’s furniture suitable for being everything between a spaceship to a lovely princess castle. But it’s not only the surrounding environment that the swan-labelled furniture comes into but that’s also spared. 

In order for the furniture to receive the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the wood must also be certified. This means that it comes from sustainable forestry, where no more forest is harvested than planted”,

René Stenvang says, proudly announcing that Hoppekids’ modular bed systems are swan-labelled.

 He also sees long-term benefits of the label: “Because the requirements of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel are constantly heightened, we also need to continually optimize and develop our products to keep the label. I see this as a huge advantage because even if it means greater costs, it also means that we can ensure even more green furniture and production.” 


Furniture should grow with your child

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel isn’t the only thing you can think of when decorating an adventurous and sustainable children’s room. René Stenvang also recommends that you prioritize furniture that can follow the child’s development. 

“Children develop at the speed of lightning and that puts a great demand on their bedroom interior. It must be both a bedroom, playroom and later also a room for homework. It’s important to consider when to invest. Choose something where you can change the height, the design on the textiles and the composition. That way the furniture can support play and development throughout childhood,” René Stenvang explains.

Can furniture save the world?

Even though both the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the functional qualities are important, furniture with heart and souls is about a lot more to René Stenvang. At Hoppekids, it also means sponsoring Red Barnet and engaging young people in North Funen to help at the national fundraising. But why is it important to make sustainability and social responsibility a part of the children’s room? To René Stenvang it’s all about the consequences of not doing anything. 

“We have a huge problem with overconsumption that is part of the agenda at every COP meeting. Of course furniture alone can’t save the world. But if both companies and individuals prioritize sustainability and humanity in their daily choices, we have come a long way”, René Stenvang says.

5 things to check before decorating a children’s room

  • Safety: The child must be in the safest environment when in its room. Select furniture that has been tested according to current standards. Eg. A half-high junior bed must meet the requirements of the EN-747 standard.
  • Flexibility: Many are surprised at how quickly the child’s needs change. By choosing modular children’s furniture, the room’s décor is secured several years in the future.

  • Durability: Children’s furniture must at times be able to withstand harsh treatment. By selecting certified furniture, you can be sure that the durability is tested by independent agencies.

  • Reassurance: It must be safe for the child to explore the surrounding world. By choosing a Nordic swan Eco labeled children’s furniture, you get solid, harmless materials that won’t release harmful particles.

  • And finally… Choose with a child’s eyes.