A bunk bed from Hoppekids does not only bring a lot of fun to a room, but it does also improve your child's motoric skills.

Hoppekids bunk beds carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, which means that they are free from toxic and harmful substances - so if your child wants to take a bite of the bed, then no worry, it might taste a little blend, but it is not harmful at all.
The beds come in so many sizes and shapes. So if you want a bed with extra height or that are extra wide you can find it below.


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A bunk bed for every occasion

With a bunk bed from Hoppekids, you have so many options to find a bed that fits your needs - even if the bed is for a shared room or a vacation home. Our Bunk beds are all very flexible so you can always change them up.

One of our models even have the opportunity to change the button bed into a seating area, so your child can use the area for playing when it's not being used.

If you are looking for a complete set with a madras or maybe with a curtain too - you can find our different bundles here.

Bunk beds with storage

Storage for the bunk beds, even if you have a bunk bed, you still have the opportunity to fit in a lot of storage, because you still have plenty of room under the bed. Our drawers are made perfectly for your Hoppekids bed so they fit right under the med, and they can easily be pulled out at any time. Our drawers come in 2 sizes – the small ones and the big ones so they fit our exact need.
For our bed, with a table, we do recommend that you only put drawers under the seats otherwise it will be difficult to use the space properly.

Measurements of a bunk bed

Our Bunk Beds comes in different sizes. Our BASIC collection is available in the sizes 70×160 cm, 70×190 cm and 90×200 cm. And our PREMIUM collection is available in the sizes 70×160 cm, 90×200 cm and 120×200 cm.

Many of our Bunk Beds are made so they can be used for many years to follow, this means that they easily can be changed into one of our other beds. So if you want to change the bed into 2 singles or change into our Junior bed it will be no problem. 

Bunk beds with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Our bunk beds carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, which means that you are secured against any harmful substances and that the beds are made with attention to the environment. If you want to read more about the Nordic Swan Ecolabel you can get the information here.

The right mattress

When you choose a mattress for the bed, you have to consider if it's a BASIC or PREMIUM bed because it's all about safety. When you choose a bed from the BASIC collection, the maximum height, of the mattress is set to be 9 cm, and for the PREMIUM bed, the maximum height, of the mattress is set to be 12 cm. These measurements are made because of safety reasons.