Hoppekids Cars Závěs na postel pro dětskou postel

Velikost: 70x160 cm
Zbývá pouze 5 kusů
Prodejní cena3.002,00 Kč
Kód: 36-2821-CR-07M

Hand-sewn curtains from Hoppekids create an imaginative and creative world right in the middle of the children's room. When the curtain is mounted on the bed, it is no longer a bed, but instead a spaceship, a dog house, a fairy tale castle, a time machine, or exactly what the imagination determines.

The curtain also creates a cozy cave under the loft bed, perfect for play or when your child needs a little break from the rest of the world. Decorate the cave with blankets, pillows, fairy lights, and other cozy items.

There are plenty of matching textiles from Universet Cars.

Bed and other accessories are sold separately.

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