Nordic Swan ECO Label

Hoppekids is the first and (so far) the only manufacturer of modular children's beds that carry the Swan label. Hoppekids obtained the Swan label for our modular bed systems back in 2013 and has had the Swan label ever since.

The Swan Label

You probably know the Swan label from laundry detergent, cream, or toilet paper. Your children's furniture can actually be Swan-labeled too! But what exactly is the Swan label, and what does it mean for you and your children? Take a look at this page and read more about Hoppekids and the Swan label, as well as Swan-labeled children's beds.

The Swan label is Denmark's official environmental label. The environmental label makes it easy for you to choose among the environmentally best products. The goal of the Swan label is to reduce the overall environmental impact from production to consumption. The environmental label thus looks at the entire journey of the product and includes the entire journey when determining the requirements for the environmental label.

The Swan Label: Strict requirements for Swan-labeled furniture

The Swan label is an environmental label that can only be found on non-food items and ensures that the entire journey of the product from raw material to production, use, disposal, and recycling of materials is included in the assessment when determining the requirements for environmentally labeled products. The requirements are constantly updated and tightened to create sustainable development, so you as a consumer can always be sure that Swan-labeled products are environmentally sustainable - and better for both the environment and health. For Hoppekids, this means that when the requirements are tightened, our certified products must be reassessed and documented to meet the new requirements.

The requirements for a product depend on the type of product - they are category-specific. For Hoppekids bed systems, this means that they must meet the requirements set for furniture.

Svanemærket: Strict requirements for Swan-labeled furniture

The Swan label is an environmental label that can only be found on non-food items and ensures that the entire journey of the product from raw material to production, use, disposal, and recycling of materials is taken into account when setting the requirements for environmentally labeled products.

There are several elements in the requirements that the Swan label imposes on products:

  1. Different requirements for different products. The requirements that a product must meet depend on the type of product. This means that a mattress must meet one set of requirements and a children's bed must meet another set of requirements.
  2. Strict environmental requirements. Common to the requirements for all Swan-labeled products is that they must meet strict environmental requirements. This can, for example, be related to saving the earth's resources, choosing raw materials that nature can regenerate itself, protecting biodiversity, reducing climate impact, and designing products in a way that allows the materials used to be recycled. In addition, there are also requirements for quality and durability, so that the products can have a long life.
  3. Strict requirements for chemicals. This is done, for example, by excluding or limiting the amount of a range of chemicals that can be harmful to the environment and/or humans. This benefits both you, the manufacturers of the products, and our nature.
  4. Ongoing improvements. The requirements for the products are continuously tightened, so that the products are constantly improved and keep up with developments. This also means that certification is time-limited, as one must constantly be able to meet the new requirements set by the Swan label.

"Swan-labeled children's furniture meets strict requirements for both the environment, health, and quality. And the furniture is tested according to international test methods for strength, safety, and stability. This means that you get a durable piece of furniture that is safe for your child to sleep and play in - and that your child is not exposed to unnecessary substances through inhalation or close contact with the furniture."

- Heidi Bugge, Environmental Expert, Environmental Labeling Denmark

What does the Swan-labeled children's beds mean to you and your children?

The Swan label on your children's furniture means that you are helping to ensure the preservation of forests worldwide. It means that you take responsibility and consider which chemicals should be kept out of nature and out of your home. It means that you want to save the few resources we have.

With a Swan-labeled junior bed, you can be confident that the furniture is produced responsibly and with an eye to the future in which your children will grow up.

The Swan label on your furniture also means that you can be confident that your children's health is not at risk when they move in, around, and on the furniture. So it doesn't matter if they taste a little bit of it, as no unnecessary substances are released in connection with touching, crawling, or licking.

And especially children's furniture should be able to withstand something, and by choosing children's furniture with the Swan label, you are ensured that the furniture is durable and very long-lasting, so they can withstand the treatment that only children can give them. With the Swan label, you are guaranteed long-lasting quality and consideration for the environment, for you, for your children, and for the future.

Watch the video about Swan-labeled children's beds here

Long-lasting Swan-labeled bed made of certified wood

The wood in furniture with the Swan label must come from demonstrably legally felled trees, and the origin of the wood must be traceable. A high proportion of the wood must come from certified, sustainable forestry. Therefore, Hoppekids exclusively uses FSC-certified wood. FSC is an international non-profit labeling scheme for wood and paper that takes care of both the environment, people, and economic conditions.

The Swan label also sets requirements for the durability of the furniture, as the majority of the environmental impact occurs during production, and the longer the furniture lasts, the fewer furniture needs to be produced. Therefore, the Swan label on furniture is also a clear quality stamp in terms of durability and recyclability of the furniture.

Stringent chemical requirements for Swan-labeled beds

In addition, the products also meet strict chemical requirements - which is good for your health and the health of your children, for the people who produce the products, and for the environment. Furthermore, the furniture must not contain chemicals such as phthalates, heavy metals, so-called brominated flame retardants, or fluorine substances, which can have hormone-disrupting effects.

There must also not be any carcinogenic substances in the glue and paint used. All Hoppekids surfaces are treated with environmentally friendly, water-based lacquer - free from unnecessary chemicals and harmful substances. Strict requirements are also set for the evaporation of the surface treatment, as it is important for the indoor climate and for those who use the furniture.

Swan-labeled bed series

Hoppekids has three bed series with Swan-labeled beds - ECO Dream and ECO Luxury. All beds in these series are Swan-labeled - whether it is a junior bed, bunk bed, house bed, or one of the other bed types.

More than just a toddler bed

If you are in the process of furnishing a children's room, we are happy to inform you that the selection of eco-labeled furniture is larger than you think. Both our ECO mattresses and Anton crib are eco-labeled. This means that you can already fill the children's room with eco-labeled children's furniture from the start.

And if you need some inspiration on how to furnish a healthier children's room, you can read more about it here. Where we, together with Miljømærkning Danmark, provide our advice for a healthier children's room.

Swan-labeled mattress for children

In 2019, we launched our Swan-labeled ECO mattresses. The Swan-labeled mattresses have hypoallergenic mattress cores and mattress covers and are produced in the environmentally friendly Waterlily® foam, which provides fantastic support throughout the night. Our Swan-labeled mattress series comes in two types - ECO Dream and ECO Luxury.

Swan-labeled crib

In addition to the Swan-labeled children's beds, you can also find the Swan-labeled cot, ANTON, at Hoppekids. ANTON is a 120x60cm cot that can be converted into a bench when it is no longer needed as a baby bed, thereby extending its lifespan. For ANTON, there is also a Swan-labeled baby mattress, so you can have a complete Swan-labeled baby bed. The mattress for the cot measures 120x60 cm.

Watch the video about Swan-labeled children's beds here