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Hoppekids Construction Bed CanopyHoppekids Construction Bed Canopy
Hoppekids Construction Bed Canopy Sale priceFrom £85.00
Hoppekids Construction TunnelHoppekids Construction Tunnel
Hoppekids Construction cone set, 3 pieces.Hoppekids Construction cone set, 3 pieces.
Hoppekids Construction Bean Bag ChairHoppekids Construction Bean Bag Chair
Hoppekids Construction cushion setHoppekids Construction cushion set


STOP! Says the bright red sign hanging in the middle of the closed door to the room. From the room, there are knocking sounds and a voice directing the progress of the battle. You think you hear: "Teddy, hold the gray pillow, and I'll make the wall for the fort." They are building again because a child lives in the room who can make Bob the Builder look like an amateur. Remember the safety helmet if the teddy bear tower is not completely level, and remember that it's not a mess, it's a room under construction!

With all curtains, three fabric work signs are included. They all have Velcro on the back and can therefore be placed on the curtain wherever the children think they should be.

Traffic on the construction site is at your own risk

Lego, puzzles, blocks - you name it! If it can be built up and taken down again, then it's just the thing. Turn the room into a construction site and let creativity run wild. Just remember to wear a safety helmet when entering the construction site - in case a teddy bear or two should fall from the fort.

In our Construction series, you will find curtains for both mid-height and loft beds. In addition, the series includes a lot of accessories that you can decorate your junior bed with, so your child's personality shines through in the children's room.