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When is it time to transition from cot to bed? Do you have a little escape artist at home, trying to crawl over the sides of the cot? Then it's time to change to a junior bed. It can be difficult to acknowledge that your little one suddenly isn't so little anymore. But there has to be room for the growing limbs, so junior can get a good night's sleep. At Hoppekids, you can find a selection of ecolabelled junior beds for your child. The junior bed is the perfect bed for kids, who have outgrown their cot.


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Hoppekids ECO Dream Toddler BedHoppekids ECO Dream Toddler Bed
Hoppekids ECO Dream Toddler Bed Sale priceFrom £238.00
Hoppekids ECO Comfort Junior BedHoppekids ECO Comfort Junior Bed
Hoppekids ECO Comfort Junior Bed Sale priceFrom £127.00
Hoppekids ECO Luxury Toddler BedHoppekids ECO Luxury Toddler Bed
Hoppekids ECO Luxury Toddler Bed Sale priceFrom £297.00
Hoppekids NOAH DELUXE Sofa BedHoppekids NOAH DELUXE Sofa Bed
Hoppekids MAJA DELUXE Sofa BedHoppekids MAJA DELUXE Sofa Bed
Hoppekids Bed for STOREYHoppekids Bed for STOREY
Hoppekids Bed for STOREY Sale priceFrom £127.00
Bed package: Hoppekids MAJA Deluxe 90x200Bed package: Hoppekids MAJA Deluxe 90x200
Bed package: Hoppekids MAJA Deluxe 90x200 Sale price£1,108.00 Regular price£1,301.00
Bed package: ECO Dream Toddler Bed with Pull-out BedBed package: ECO Dream Toddler Bed with Pull-out Bed
Bed package: ECO Dream Toddler Bed with Pull-out Bed Sale price£443.00 Regular price£540.00
Bed package: Junior bed 70x160 cm with drawers & bed rail, Dusted BlueBed package: Junior bed 70x160 cm with drawers & bed rail, Dusted Blue
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Bed package: Junior bed 70x160 cm with drawers, LavenderBed package: Junior bed 70x160 cm with drawers, Lavender
ECO One junior bedECO One junior bed
ECO One junior bed Sale priceFrom £238.00
Outlet: ECO Dream Junior bed, PurpleOutlet: ECO Dream Junior bed, Purple
Outlet: ECO Dream Junior bed, Purple Sale priceFrom £166.00 Regular price£211.00
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Outlet: ECO Dream juniorbed with drawers 70x160, PurpleOutlet: ECO Dream juniorbed with drawers 70x160, Purple
Outlet: ECO Dream juniorbed with drawers 70x160, Purple Sale price£222.00 Regular price£310.00
juniorseng 90x200Deal: ECO Dream junior bed 90x200 cm with drawers & safety rail
Hoppekids Blend Toddler BedHoppekids Blend Toddler Bed
Hoppekids Blend Toddler Bed Sale price£340.00
Hoppekids SFK Juniorseng 90x200 cm, HvidHoppekids SFK Juniorseng 90x200 cm, Hvid

Junior bed / toddler bed

A junior bed - or toddler bed - is the bed your child changes to, when they have outgrown their cot. It is the first big-kid-bed your child will use. The junior bed is also called sofa bed, as it has one open side and often a backrest, so you can use it as a sofa.

What junior bed should you choose?

The junior beds from Hoppekids are of a classic and timeless design, making them easy to place in any kids' room. You can find junior beds in the sizes 70x160cm, 70x190cm, 90x200cm og 120x200cm. Many parents choose a 70x160cm bed as the successor of the cot, as the small size doesn't seem too big for the child to switch to. The advantage of a bigger bed is that the child can use it for a longer time.

When to change from cot to junior bed?

A cot is usually approx. 60x120cm, which at some point becomes too small for your suddenly-not-so-little-one. Some experience their child is starting to crawl out of the cot. Others simply experince that the child can't fit into the cot any longer. Whether you experience one or the other, the solution is the same: It's time to change the bed. It's difficult to name a certain age where children should switch to a junior bed. Many children will be ready for a junior bed when they are 2,5-3 years old, but it is individual, when your child is ready. Some children are ready before others.

The transition to junior bed

To get a smooth and comfortable transition to the junior bed, it is a good idea to place the bed in the same spot, as the cot was placed. In that way, your child can see the same things from the bed, as they are used to, which can be comforting. If your child is used to a bed bumper, you can try to use it in a different way in the new bed too.

When switching to a junior bed, your child also has to get used to one side of the bed being open. In the beginning, it can be comforting to use a bed rail, so your child gets the illusion of a closed bed - like the one they are used to. If your child has a tendency to be restless when sleeping, the bed rail can also help keep the child inside the bed.

Junior beds with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Many of the junior beds from Hoppekids carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is your guarantee that the bed complies with all EU standards for children's furniture and that they have been tested according to strength, safety, and stability. Ecolabelled beds follow strict chemical requirements. All our bed are treated with a water-based lacquer - free from unnecessary chemicals.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel ensures you get long-lasting quality beds that are responsibly produced with consideration for the world, your children will grow up in.

Junior bed with drawers

A children's room must hold a lot of things - from clothes to all the toys. With our drawer set, you can hide away all the toys, so there's more room for playing. Drawers under the bed can also be used to store bedding, pillows, or seasonal clothing.

The drawers have wheels under them, so it's easy for your child to reach the content themselves. Hoppekids has a range of drawers in different colours and sizes to fit your bed. This allows you to store away toys/bedding and make room for play.

Junior bed with the safety board

When you have to change from a baby bed to a junior bed, it can be a good idea to use a safety rail. A safety rail gives an extra sense of security for the child, after making the switch. A safety rail can also be an excellent choice if your child is a bit restless at night. The safety rail can "close" off the open side of the bed.

At Hoppekids you'll find both fixed and removable safety rails. The removable safety rail makes it possible to remove it during the day, but still have that extra security during the night.