Four poster beds

Did you also have the princess dream about having a fairytale canopy bed, when you were a child? And are you now considering what possibilities exist for providing your little girl with the ultimate princess room in true vintage style – using a canopy bed for setting the mood of the room? Well, look no further!

The canopy beds from Hoppekids can easily be used as the first bed for your child after the crib, as they have the same height as a regular junior bed – but a much more elegant and marvelous expression. The delicate canopy can provide a protective shield from the surrounding world and create a cozy haven for your child. And with straps to tie the canopy to the corner posts, you won’t have to worry about your child wrapping themselves in the fabric.


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Hoppekids ECO Dream Four Poster BedHoppekids ECO Dream Four Poster Bed
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The perfect canopy bed for children

For the royal chamber of a princess, a fairytale canopy bed is a must-have. Wrap the beautiful bed in a classic canopy and send your child toward dreamland in the best possible way. You can also decorate the inside of the bed frame to make it more lively - a feeling of levitating among the clouds.

The canopy bed from Hoppekids is no higher from the floor than a regular junior bed. Therefore, it offers great opportunities for storage under the bed. Big wide drawers can contain a lot of stuff and are great for keeping the royal chambers tidy. With wheels underneath it isn't even necessary to call the chamberlain, as the drawers are easy for the princess to move around herself.

If a ball in the castle runs late, it might be necessary with extra sleeping space for friends of the crown. A canopy bed of 90x200cm has room underneath for a pull-out bed. Then you won't have the hassle of moving a mattress back and forth. The pull-out bed is simply rolled out when necessary and back again when there is no longer a need for it.

Ecolabelled canopy bed

All of our canopy beds are awarded the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is your guarantee that the product has been tested on and complies with all EU standards in children’s furniture. At the same time, the greatest possible consideration is given to the environment both when purchasing raw materials, during the production itself, in the product’s life, and when the product is to be disposed of.

An eco-labeled bed means - among others - that the bed is free of harmful substances and that the surface is treated with a water-based lacquer without unnecessary chemistry.

The right mattress for a canopy bed

A canopy bed is certainly worthy of a princess, however, there is no need for 20 mattresses in the bed. It is recommended that the height of the mattress for the canopy bed is no more than 9cm. So, a performance of the Princess and the pea is neither necessary nor responsible according to safety standards.

When choosing a mattress for your canopy bed there are multiple options. At Hoppekids, you can choose between foam mattresses, cold foam mattresses, and ECO mattresses. The ECO mattresses are both allergy-friendly, eco-labeled and provide optimal comfort and a great night's sleep.

A dividable canopy bed

The canopy beds from Hoppekids are dividable. That means, the bed is put together by 2 separate parts - a junior bed & a canopy bed module. So, if you already have an ECO Dream junior bed at home, you can purchase a module that will turn it into a canopy bed. That means, if you, later on, feel like going back to a regular junior bed again, you can simply remove the module, and left is a junior bed.

Canopy bed measurements

The Hoppekids canopy bed comes in 2 sizes: 70×160 cm and 90×200 cm. The big bed allows the child to use it until the early teen years. And there will be room for an adult to lie in bed as well and read bedtime stories.

The small canopy bed is great for kids, moving into their first real junior bed. The bed is not so big, which can provide a sense of comfort when moving from a cot to a junior bed. Another way to make the bed feel safer for a younger child is to add a small ladder to the bed. Then there's a helping hand when getting into bed - and a fun and educative process regarding the child's motor skills.

Canopy - for heavenly dreams

A central piece of accessory for the canopy bed is of course a canopy that surrounds the bed in a calm and wavy feeling. It isn't only decorative to add to the bed, but can also work as a shield between the child and the surrounding world.