When decorating a children's room, one quickly realizes that there need to be many pieces of furniture in the room, not least a lot of space for toys and belongings. Therefore, the storage for the children's room should be functional, allowing children to easily access their toys, but it should also look nice.

At Hoppekids, all shelves are in a beautiful white color, making it easy to incorporate them into any children's room. You can also find shelves for children that are movable and can fit under loft beds, optimizing the use of space.


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STOREY shelves

The shelves from STOREY are a flexible shelving system with a lifetime guarantee. The shelving system allows you to position the shelves and the accompanying writing desk in 56 different places. This means that your child can have the writing desk at the perfect height and use it already when they are just a few years old. Additionally, there is also the option to integrate the bed into the shelving system, creating more space in the children's room. The STOREY shelves can also be used throughout the entire house, for example, in the living room, where they can be used to store decorative items or books, with the caveat that each shelf is not loaded with more than 10 kg.

PETER and MARIE shelves

PETER and MARIE shelves are designed in a simple and beautiful design. The design allows the shelves to be easily used throughout the house, where they can serve as a bookshelf or for storing games, making them easily accessible for the whole family, or they can be used for something entirely different.

Shelf with wheels

The clever thing about the shelf with wheels is that it can fit under all loft beds, including the mid sleeper bed, mid-height bed, and loft bed. This optimizes the use of space under the bed, and if your child wants to utilize all the space under the bed, it can easily be rolled out.