Bunk Beds

Do your kids enjoy sleeping in the same room, or are you about to decorate a shared kids' room? In many homes, it is necessary for siblings to share a room - at least for a while. It can be very rewarding for siblings to share a room. Many kids find it comforting and cozy to share a room, why a shared kids' room can be a nice addition to your home.

A bunk bed is the obvious choice for a shared room, as you get two beds in the space of one. The bunk beds from Hoppekids meet standards for safety, quality, and functionality. They come in different designs, so you can find a solution that fits your home.

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Bunk beds for kids

A bunk bed has two beds stacked on top of each other. This allows you to take advantage of the height of the room, thereby freeing more floor space than if you were to have two separate beds on the floor. It's a great solution for smaller homes, where floor space is limited.

The bunk beds from Hoppekids are produced in solid pine wood and have a classic and simple design. You can find bunk beds in the sizes 70x160, 70x190, 90x200, and 120x200 cm. And in the colors Dove Grey, Pale Green and natural wood.

A bed for a shared room

In some homes, it might be necessary for siblings to sleep in the same room - others simply think it is cozy and fun to share a room with their brother or sister. Whatever the reason might be, a bunk bed is a nice solution for a shared room. Each child get their own "area", so even though they share a room, they can withdraw to their own bunk, when in need of a little privacy.

At what age can a child use a bunk bed

It is recommended that children are 6+ years before using a bunk bed. A bunk bed is a high bed, so you have to make sure your child can move up and down the ladder to the upper bunk. Younger children can of course use the bottom bunk, which is the same height as a regular junior bed. If you have kids in different ages, this is an easy way for you to decide who sleeps in which bunk.

Bunk bed with pull-out bed

Do you need room for overnight guests or perhaps a third sibling? The pull-out bed from Hoppekids can easily be used below a bunk bed. The pull-out bed offers an extra sleeping area during the night but can be stored under the bed during the day, so it doesn't take up extra floor space. The pull-out bed fits under beds that are 90x200cm.


Bunk bed for your holiday home

A bunk bed can be the ideal solution for the holiday home, which often has limited room. By "stacking" the beds on top of each other, you have room for more beds. Bunk beds can also help provide that holiday-home-feeling, where you get to know one another in a different way than you do at home. At Hoppekids, you can also find bunk beds with extra height providing a bit more room between the two bunks.

Bunk bed for 3

The family bunk bed from Hoppekids has a wide lower bunk. The lower bed is 120x200cm and the top bunk is 90x200cm. In that way, you can fit an adult and a child - or 3 people - in one bed. The family bed also gives you the opportunity to reap the rewards of co-sleeping.

The size of a bunk bed

The bunk beds from Hoppekids are available in different sizes. The available size may depend on the collection:

  • In our ECO Dream collection there are bunk beds in sizes 70x160, 70x190, and 90x200 cm
  • In our ECO Luxury collection there are bunk beds in sizes 70x160, 90x200, and 120x200 cm
  • in our ECO Comfort collection there are bunk beds in sizes 70x160 and 90x200 cm and in the colors Dove Grey, Pale Green and natural wood. 

Most of our bunk beds are modular, meaning you can remove the module and turn the bunk bed into one or two separate junior beds.

Regular bunk bed vs. high bunk bed

At Hoppekids, you can find bunk beds in 2 different heights. The regular bunk bed has 78cm between the two beds - and the high bunk bed has 105cm between the two beds. The extra height allows more room between the two beds, which can be nice for the person sleeping in the bottom bunk. The total height of the regular bunk bed is 150cm whereas the total height of the high bunk bed is 177cm.

Whether you should choose a regular bunk bed or one with extra height depends, of course, on the height of the room and whether your child is comfortable with the height or not. Some kids love climbing into a high bed, sleeping as close to the stars as possible. Other kids enjoy sleeping in a bunk bed but prefer the one closer to the ground.

Bunk beds with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Our ecolabelled bunk beds are free from harmful chemicals. So, if your child feel like having a "taste" of the bed, there's no need to worry. We can't promise that it will be as tasty, as what you can get from the local candy store though. An ecolabelled bed also have tough requirements regarding safety and where the materials used come from. An ecolabelled bed is better for the environment & better for you and you children.

Mattress for bunk bed

Hoppekids offers a range of different mattresses for your bunk bed. You can find both a classic foam mattress, coldfoam mattress, and our ECO mattresses. For our ECO Dream and ECO Comfort bunk beds, we recommend a max. mattress height of 9cm. For our ECO Luxury bunk beds, we recommend a max. mattress height of 12cm.