Cold Foam Mattresses

A cold foam mattress provides excellent comfort and sleep.

Cold foam mattresses are our second-best mattresses for children. This type of mattress has many great features that make it a good investment. Cold foam mattresses maintain a good temperature and airflow throughout the night. They have air ducts that ensure good moisture transport while the individual comfort zones ensure that your child receives optimal support in all the right places, regardless of sleeping position.

A cold foam mattress has a long lifespan, and its quality guarantees that the mattress is free from unnecessary and harmful chemicals. Additionally, the mattress is fire-resistant. To extend the lifespan of the mattress, we recommend always using a cover. If the mattress is used for sleeping, we also recommend using a fitted sheet.

Hoppekids cold foam mattress is available in the following sizes: 70x160, 70x190, 90x190, and 90x200 cm.


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What is a cold foam mattress?

A cold foam mattress is an excellent sleeping mattress. Cold foam mattresses provide firm support and comfort, which promotes good sleeping support and sleep quality. You should choose a cold foam mattress when you are looking for a firm mattress with good weight-bearing capacity, elasticity, and long durability. Cold foam is also recommended for dust mite allergy sufferers.

Cold foam is moisture-absorbent and has good ventilation. The foam is shape-retaining, which means that this type of foam is excellent for furniture where you often sit or lie in the same place repeatedly, such as a bed or a sofa. This means that cold foam maintains its firmness and can last a long time without sagging. Cold foam is available in both soft and firm qualities that can be used in mattresses, where the foam requires good durability, comfort, and elasticity. Cold foam is firmer than other types of foam, which provides excellent weight-bearing capacity and elasticity, thus lasting longer.