When dragons, trolls, and giants besiege your castle, this universe is ideal. The King or Queen can sit comfortably on the throne in the feast hall because no one will ever break these boulder walls.

Though at times the tallest tower will need to be defended from fire-breathing dragons or giants who think it is time to go to sleep. Good thing the armory is full of pillows!

Good thing you are all stocked up on pillows in your arsenal of weapons!


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Your very own castle

Turn your teddy bear into a knight of the children's room. Get yourself a round table. Gather around the round table. Grab your swords and defeat a dragon or two. Rescue a princess from a tall tower. Only imagination sets limits to your adventures!

When the castle needs to be defended against dragons, trolls, giants, and other monsters, this textile series is ideal. The king or queen can sit comfortably on their throne in the great hall because no one will break the walls made of cobblestones.

At times, however, the top tower must be defended against fire-breathing lizards or giants who think it's bedtime instead. Good thing you have your arsenal of cushion weapons!

In our Fairytale Knight series, you'll find curtains for both half-height and mid-height beds. Additionally, the series includes a lot of accessories that you can use to decorate your junior bed.