Ideal storage for your kids' room! Get books, toys, and all the teddy bears in order with the simple storage solution from Hoppekids. A storage system in a classic design, making it a storage system you can use throughout your whole life.



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Short & Sweet


✔ Fully modular shelving system with 80cm and 100cm wide components
✔ 56 positions for shelves and writing desk
✔ Writing desk and bed available - both in two sizes
✔ Many pre-assembled sets for inspiration
✔ Easy-to-use locking system for enhanced security
✔ Supports up to 10kg
✔ Lifetime warranty

A modular system

STOREY is the flexible shelving system from Hoppekids. The system is constructed in sections, allowing you to easily expand or shrink the shelving unit as needed. This makes it easy for you to customize the shelving system to fit perfectly into your home.

The system is made entirely of individual components and can be adapted and adjusted repeatedly.

Place the shelves wherever you like

All shelves are placed in one of the 56 possible positions. The shelves are securely locked in place with a built-in locking system. If you wish to adjust the shelf to a different height, simply unlock it and move it to the desired position.

Build it as wide as you like

Simply continue to add shelving sides, support poles, and shelves in the direction you want to go. The shelves are available in widths of 80 cm and 100 cm. Due to the 3 cm thickness of the shelving sides, adding an extra section will increase the total length by 83 or 103 cm.

Smart locking system.

The smart locking system ensures that shelves are held in place while also keeping the shelving unit stable and secure. The locking system is straightforward and easy to use.

Add a function / desk

The writing desk allows you to combine storage and workspace. The writing desk simply replaces one of the shelves and can be placed at any height you prefer.

Get lifetime warranty

As part of ensuring a long lifespan and durability for our products, we offer a lifetime warranty on our STOREY shelving system. This is your assurance and guarantee that the product you purchase is crafted with great care, emphasizing safety and durability. The shelving system is made from FSC® (FSC-C109484)-certified wood. The wooden shelving unit is designed to be expanded and modified according to your needs, ensuring a long life for the unit.

In other words, when you purchase the shelving system, you are provided with a lifelong product warranty. You can learn more about our lifetime warranty and how to register products by clicking here.

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Storage for your home

The versatility of the STOREY system makes it suitable for all ages. The heights of both the shelves and the tabletop can be adjusted in 56 different positions, allowing for easy adaptation as the child grows.

If more or less shelf space is needed, sections can be added or removed as needed. Therefore, STOREY can be a loyal companion throughout the child's upbringing.

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Storage for young children

For younger children, STOREY can display all the treasures the child finds along the way. The toys that the child is currently playing with can be stored at a height that is easily accessible. The toys that might be on a little break can also be placed on the upper shelves and taken out as needed.

The smart safety system allows STOREY to be securely anchored to the wall, preventing the shelving unit from tipping over.

If a little extra floor space is needed under the shelving unit, the shelves can simply be moved up. Add a tabletop, and you have a place for building with blocks, crafting with beads, or drawing pictures. As the child grows taller, the tabletop can be moved upwards to the appropriate height.

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Storage for the child

As the child's need for independence begins to grow, the ability to do things and make decisions independently becomes increasingly important. STOREY is ideal for creating a space that caters to this need. Place the shelves at the child's height, allowing them to control where things go and knowing exactly where their important treasures are stored.

A desk provides a great opportunity to create a space that is the child's own, where they can immerse themselves in drawings, picture books, or homework.

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Storage for the teenager

Teenagers spend a lot (read A LOT) of time in their rooms, and for them, it's the most important space in the entire house. Therefore, it's important that the room provides tranquility and security and reflects the personality of the person living there.

The simple and classic design of STOREY fits seamlessly into any room. The character of STOREY is defined by what is placed on its shelves.

Beyond being just storage, STOREY can contribute to making the room personal and comfortable. Add a desk so that homework can be done in peace and quiet.

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Storage for the adult

Just because you've reached a certain age, it certainly doesn't mean that the STOREY story stops here. Bring the STOREY shelving unit into the living room and use it for storing books, knick-knacks, and more.

You can also add a desk and create your very own personal home office, making remote work a bit more manageable. Here, you'll have space for your computer and all your important documents.

Storage for the children's room

It can be quite challenging to figure out what should be in a child's room. One of the biggest challenges can be finding space for everything. Additionally, children grow and develop continuously, which means their needs change, and their room must serve many functions. In many homes, the children's room is one of the smaller spaces, but that doesn't mean that children play less or have fewer toys.

A children's room needs to accommodate play, relaxation, visits from friends, homework, sleep, creativity, adventures, and much more. Therefore, it's a great idea to consider multifunctional furniture and flexible layout. STOREY is a long-lasting solution because the shelving unit can evolve as the child's needs change. The unit is built in sections, allowing you to add or remove sections as needed.