Hoppekids STOREY set with 14 shelves and bed

Bed size: 70x160 cm
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Section with bed, 4 shelves, and writing desk from the storage system STOREY by Hoppekids.

The shelves are built by creating single compartments with two shelf sides with shelves, etc. in between or double compartments with three shelf sides and two sets of shelves, etc.

If you need to build shelves with more than two compartments, you simply add another shelf side.
Two compartments thus share a total of three shelf sides.

The smart writing desk in 100 cm for the storage system STOREY by Hoppekids creates the perfect workspace for your child.

The desk is designed with a practical and ergonomic curve, which allows the child to rest their forearms on the desk, thereby finding a better working position.

The Hoppekids bed in size 70x160 cm can be used as an extra sleeping space or, if you add some pillows and other soft items, as a sofa and reading corner during the day. Under the bed, there is plenty of storage space - for example, with the large, spacious drawers on wheels from Hoppekids.

The bed is Swan-labeled. The Swan label is your guarantee that the product complies with all EU standards for children's furniture and has been tested accordingly. At the same time, the greatest possible consideration is given to the environment both when purchasing raw materials, during production itself, throughout the product's life, and when disposing of the product.

The surface is treated with environmentally friendly, water-based lacquer, free of unnecessary chemicals and harmful substances.

The small size of 70x160 cm makes the bed perfect for small rooms or for children who are not quite ready for an adult bed yet. There is still plenty of room to grow without the bed feeling large and unsafe.

Accessories for STOREY are available in two widths: 80 cm and 100 cm. The shelves for STOREY are large and wide and can therefore store everything that can be found in a children's room.

Combinations and other accessories can be purchased separately, such as writing desk and bed, as well as extra shelves, shelf sides, and support pins.

STOREY is treated with water-based lacquer, which can be easily cleaned with water and soap.

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