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Hoppekids Mermaid Bed CanopyHoppekids Mermaid Bed Canopy
Hoppekids Mermaid Bed Canopy Sale priceFrom €119,00
Hoppekids Mermaid PillowHoppekids Mermaid Pillow
Hoppekids Mermaid Pillow Sale priceFrom €59,00
Hoppekids Mermaid Flag GarlandHoppekids Mermaid Flag Garland
Hoppekids Mermaid tunnelHoppekids Mermaid tunnel
Hoppekids Mermaid tunnel Sale price€149,00
Hoppekids Mermaid textile for house bedHoppekids Mermaid textile for house bed
Mermaid Theme Package for Hoppekids Half-high and Mid-high BedMermaid Theme Package for Hoppekids Half-high and Mid-high Bed

Hold your breath

Dive into the enchanting underwater world where fish, crabs, and mermaids live side by side. There are not many who are unfamiliar with the tale of the little mermaid - whether it is as a written fairy tale or an animated film. The captivating story of the little mermaid fosters imagination, curiosity, and self-confidence - qualities that we aim to bring into your children's room. The mermaid theme from Hoppekids takes you on a journey underwater with cozy caves and prints in delicate and soft colors.

The sea is beautiful!

The sea is beautiful!...

The textiles from the Mermaid theme move in neutral and delicate colors & patterns. The curtains can be a fun and cozy element on the bed without dominating the entire room with colors & patterns. The tunnel from the theme, with its blue interior, gives a feeling of being in an underwater cave. Use it together with the soft seashell pillows and make it extra cozy.