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Mid sleeper beds

For the cave-builder, cuddle bunny, or someone who simply needs a bit more storage space. It’s not without reason that the mid sleeper bed is one of the most popular loft beds, you can find. And with a height of 105-114 cm, it is still easy for you to reach the mattress when it is time to change the sheets.

One of the advantages of the mid sleeper bed is that the cave or playground underneath the bed is at a child’s height – meaning this space is entirely your child’s space. Here, your child can find some peace from the surrounding world and immerse themselves in play or cozy relaxation.


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ECO Comfort mid sleeper BedECO Comfort mid sleeper Bed
ECO Comfort mid sleeper Bed Sale priceFrom €259,00
Hoppekids ECO Dream Mid Sleeper BedHoppekids ECO Dream Mid Sleeper Bed
Hoppekids ECO Dream Mid Sleeper Bed Sale priceFrom €439,00
Hoppekids ECO Luxury Mid Sleeper BedHoppekids ECO Luxury Mid Sleeper Bed
Hoppekids ECO Luxury Mid Sleeper Bed Sale priceFrom €599,00
Hoppekids ECO Dream Mid Sleeper Bed (non-divisible)Hoppekids ECO Dream Mid Sleeper Bed (non-divisible)
Bed package: Mid Sleeper Bed 70x160 with shelf and Children's table & chair setBed package: Mid Sleeper Bed 70x160 with shelf and Children's table & chair set
ECO Dream mid sleeper bed with deskECO Dream mid sleeper bed with desk
Deal: Hoppekids ECO Dream Half High Bed 70x160 with Pet's accessoriesDeal: Hoppekids ECO Dream Half High Bed 70x160 with Pet's accessories
Hoppekids SFK Halvhøj Seng 90x200 cm, HvidHoppekids SFK Halvhøj Seng 90x200 cm, Hvid

Hoppekids mid sleeper bed

There are a lot of advantages to choosing a mid sleeper bed. Having to climb up and down from the bed can be good for your child's motor development, as they learn to control their body better. Adapting challenging physical activities at home is important for your child to develop motor skills (Danish Health Authorities).

With a Hoppekids mid sleeper bed, you have the opportunity to use the space under the bed for everything from storage to cozy dens that you can decorate with cushions, fairy lights, and more. You can also choose a play curtain for the mid sleeper bed, so the area under the bed is covered from the rest of the room. 

The great thing about most Hoppekids' mid sleeper beds is that they are modular. A modular bed means you can change the bed into bunk beds, house beds, and loft beds so that the bed can be used for several years and by several children.

Eco-labeled children's beds

All of the mid sleeper junior beds you can find at Hoppekids are rewarded with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is your guarantee that the bed complies with all EU standards for children's furniture and that it has been tested. In addition, the environment is taken into account when the products are purchased, produced, and throughout their lifetime, as well as when the products are to be disposed of. 

The surface of the products is treated with environmentally friendly and water-based lacquer, free from unnecessary chemicals and harmful substances. An eco-labeled bed is therefore perfectly safe to put in your children's room.

When can you use a mid sleeper bed?

When to choose a mid sleeper bed for your child or whether to have a loft bed depends a lot on your child.

We recommend our mid sleeper beds for children aged 4-5 - but some choose to take in the mid sleeper bed even earlier, which is of course also possible. Take a look at your child and use that to decide whether or not a mid sleeper bed is right for them.

To get used to the height of the bed, you may want to start by sleeping on a mattress under the bed. Then your child can play in the bed during the day and get used to the height. In no time at all, your child will be completely comfortable moving around in bed, and you can move the sleeping space up in the bed.

What mattress for a mid sleeper bed?

When choosing a mattress for your mid sleeper bed, you need to consider whether it is an ECO Dream or an ECO Luxury bed. If you have chosen a bed from the ECO Dream series, we recommend that the mattress is MAX. 9 cm high according to the safety standard and for the ECO Luxury beds we recommend that the mattress is MAX. 12 cm high. 

Once you've worked out how high you want the mattress to be, it's time to work out what type of mattress you want.

In Hoppekids' line of mattresses for mid sleeper beds, there are three different types: a classic foam mattress, a cold foam mattress, and our swan-labeled ECO mattresses. With a swan-labeled children's mattress, you get a hypoallergenic mattress that provides optimal comfort for your child. Read more about the different ones in our mattress guide.

Which mid sleeper bed to choose?

At Hoppekids you will find a selection of different mid sleeper children's beds. We have beds in different colors and sizes, so you can find just the bed that suits your home.

If you choose a mid sleeper bed from the ECO Dream bed series, you have the option of choosing from three different sizes: 70x160cm, 70x190cm, and 90x200cm. In addition, it is also available in several colors if you want a colorful bed. However, you should be aware that not all ECO Dream beds are modular. So before you choose a mid sleeper bed, you should consider whether you want to be able to change the bed later on.

If you choose an ECO Luxury children's bed, you will get a Swan-labelled bed with a lifetime guarantee, which has higher bedsides, and where there is the option of choosing a flexible slatted base, which provides better comfort for the bed. With an ECO Luxury mid sleeper bed, you have almost endless possibilities to change the bed later on. Here, only the 70x160cm bed will give you fewer options to build the bed higher.

The size of mid sleeper beds

Our mid sleeper beds are made in different sizes depending on the model. Our standard measurement is 90×200 cm which is available in every model. Some of the mid sleeper models are also available in sizes: 70×160 cm, 120×200 cm, and 70×190 cm.

The mid sleeper model has a height of 105 cm, which makes it the perfect height for smaller children so they can enjoy the view without feeling unsafe.

The mid sleeper bed from Hoppekids gives you much more space. The space under the bed can be used for extra storage, but it can also be transformed into a cozy cave. Put in a mattress and lots of pillows and then you have a little cozy cave, for your little ones. You could also hang one of our curtains and turn it into a castle for princesses, the possibilities are many.

Our mid sleeper bed is available with and without a slide. The slide is a fun element for the child, turning the bed into a playground. The slide can be placed on both sides of the bed, so it fits your home.