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On this page, you can read more about our selection of house beds in modern and Nordic design. At Hoppekids, we produce and design with heart and soul focusing on safety and durability. That means, our products are developed to have a long life. Therefore, at Hoppekids, you will find house beds carrying the Nordic Swan Ecolabel in a simple Nordic design - the perfect frame for styling the house bed exactly the way you wish. 

The housebed from Hoppekids is available in three colors: White, Dove Grey which is a light grey, and Smoked pearl which is a dark almost black grey.


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Hoppekids ECO Dream House BedHoppekids ECO Dream House Bed
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Hoppekids ECO Comfort House BedHoppekids ECO Comfort House Bed
Hoppekids ECO Comfort House Bed Sale priceFrom €329,00
ECO One House BedECO One House Bed
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Outlet: ECO Comfort house bed with drawers and safety rail, Blue-GreyOutlet: ECO Comfort house bed with drawers and safety rail, Blue-Grey
Bed package: Hoppekids ECO Comfort House BedBed package: Hoppekids ECO Comfort House Bed
Bed package: Hoppekids ECO Comfort House Bed Sale price€574,95 Regular price€677,95

The house bed by Hoppekids

House beds are really popular for children, probably because there are so many options for decorating the bed. They can be decorated with textiles, fairy lights, and much more to add atmosphere to your child's room.

If your child loves building cozy caves but isn't quite ready to climb into a mid sleeper bed? Then a house bed is the perfect solution. That's because the house bed from Hoppekids is raised just a little off the ground, so there's room for drawers or a pull-out bed underneath, but no more than children can climb into bed themselves. The house bed is the right choice if you want a simple children's bed with many options to design and decorate the bed as you like.

As said, the house bed is popular and with the house bed from Hoppekids, you get an eco-friendly kid's bed that carries the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. When a bed carries the Nordic Swan Ecolabel you are ensured that the bed is one of the most sustainable on the market.  

You can find play curtains for house beds in both 70x160cm and 90x200cm sizes and three different designs! See them all here.

What size is a house bed?

A lot of the house beds measure around 70x160 cm. Therefore, they are most often used as the first bed after the cot. At Hoppekids, there are two different sizes of house bed: the 70x160 cm house bed and the 90x200 cm house bed, which can be used by slightly larger children as it is the same length as a single bed.

The Hoppekids' house beds are raised about 20 cm above the floor - just like a normal junior bed. The short distance between the floor and the bed means that the bed can be used by both older and younger children, as they do not have to climb into the bed. With the 20 cm under the bed, there is space for drawers or a pull-out bed.

Mattress for a house bed

On, you will find multiple mattress types for the house bed. If you take a look at our mattress guide, you will get an overview of the different mattresses, so you can decide what type of mattress is the perfect one for your child. But as a general rule for our house beds, we recommend that the mattress is only 9 cm high.

The types of mattresses you can choose from are the foam, the cold foam, and our ECO mattress, which is hypoallergenic and carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. 

The ECO Dream house bed 90x200cm

The house bed from our ECO Dream series is the size 90x200cm and thereby offers a lot of room to grow. It is obvious to play around with the graphic expression of the bed – place it either against a wall or pointing out from the wall to accentuate the beautiful shape.

The house bed in the ECO Dream series comes in two versions: a regular bed and a bed with a ladder. The ladder can make going to bed easier and a lot more fun.

The bed is certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel - the official eco-label of the Nordic countries. It thereby lives up to strict standards regarding environment, health, quality, and safety – throughout the entire journey of the product.

With the 90x200cm house bed, you can use the space under the bed for storage - choose from the colored drawers in the MY COLOR series or the classic white ones. But you can also use the space on a pull-out bed - then there's always room for a sleepover with friends, or an adult to be close by when your child needs to fall asleep. 

House bed with drawers

Add drawers to your house bed for extra storage for toys, extra clothes or the "day's mess" from a day of play. Of course, you'll find drawers for your house bed no matter what colour and size you choose. Find drawers in 70x160 here and drawers in 90x200 here. If you've decided a bed with stairs, you'll find smaller drawers here to match.

The ECO Comfort house bed 70x160

The house bed from our ECO Comfort series is size 70x160cm and thereby provides a safe and calm base for your child. Create a cozy cave-like feeling by decorating the bed with draping, light strings, or other decorations.

The bed is certified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel - the official eco-label of the Nordic countries. It thereby lives up to strict standards regarding environment, health, quality, and safety – throughout the entire journey of the product.

Find the ECO Comfort house bed here.

For the ECO Comfort house bed, matching drawers are available. So even if you choose the house bed in Dove Grey, drawers in the same color are available. What you can also do is mix the colors and pick one of the other colors from the ECO Comfort collection instead, so you get some pink or blue drawers.  

Colored House Beds for kids

Besides the classic white bed, the house beds from Hoppekids also come in two grey colors. A grey bed can give the room an edge and a completely different expression. And like the white bed, the grey beds also come with accessories such as drawers to fit under the bed. The ECO Comfort comes in white and Dove Grey color, which is light grey. The ECO Dream house bed comes in White as well and in the color Smoked Pearl, which is a dark grey. 


The ECO Dream House Bed in Smoked Pearl

The ECO Dream house bed from Hoppekids comes in both white and the color Smoked Pearl. Use the bed with a curtain from the Pets series and get an intense expression matching across the bed and the accessories.

Find the dark ECO Dream house bed right here.

The ECO Comfort house bed 70x160 in Dove Grey

The small ECO Comfort house bed from Hoppekids comes, besides white, also in the lovely color Dove Grey. For the bed, you can get both drawers and bed rail in Dove Grey, which can give more storage or provide extra security during the night.

Find the grey ECO Comfort house bed here.