Who is Hoppekids?

The green heart

Since 1995, Hoppekids' mission to create the safest and most sustainable children's furniture has reached a larger audience and even more customers globally. We have - and still do - produce children's furniture with heart and soul. An agenda that has been reflected in our logo with a warm, red heart.

Over time, Hoppekids has evolved and grown into the role of a sustainable front runner, especially after achieving the Swan label as the first and (so far) only for our modular children's beds. We are now working towards a more circular business model, and we are confident that this is the necessary path to take. There is no Planet B, and we want to be part of the solution - not the problem.

We are confident in our mission and the path we must take to achieve it. But what about our logo?

Our logo should be simple and reflect our spirit, but at the same time, it should also embody the work we do and the mission we are working towards. We have decided to move our logo in a greener direction to match our mission of creating the safest and most sustainable children's furniture.

With Heart & Soul


Welcome to Hoppekids

For us, the children's room is infinitely more than just a space with furniture.

It's the secure base from which your child explores the world, learns about big and small things, and where imagination runs wild. It's also the place where your child finds tranquility and security, and where a good night's sleep plays a crucial role.

Hoppekids' mission is to create the safest and most sustainable children's furniture, promoting good sleep, play, and creative learning. Just as the children's room is not merely a space with furniture, children's furniture is also more than mere objects serving a practical purpose. Children's furniture should be able to transform into spaceships, adventurous caves, workspaces, and cozy reading nooks. They should be adaptable for play - both alone and with friends - learning, and sleep. Above all, they should be safe and durable, allowing your child not only to have a faithful companion through all the adventures of childhood but also to pass on the bed to a younger sibling.

Own factory and sewing room

Hoppekids has its own factory, which allows us to control our products and the materials we use. This means, among other things, that all the wood we use is carefully selected according to a number of criteria for quality, irregularities, and - of course - that it comes from sustainable forestry.

To minimize waste, we use computers to calculate how the wood should be cut in the best way. This means that we have very little waste - and we also use all the wood waste to produce energy for production. We have our own sewing room where our skilled seamstresses make the fine textiles from our universes. The appliqués on curtains and other textiles are hand-sewn. We do this because it provides the best quality. At the same time, it is also more fun to touch for a curious child who is developing their senses.

All furniture that is shipped is "self-assembly". The furniture is packed in such a way that we ensure minimal air in the package, while also ensuring that they arrive intact and undamaged. This is much more environmentally friendly because we avoid transporting unnecessary air.

What does the Swan label mean for Hoppekids' production - and for you?

For furniture production - and for many other industries - the actual manufacturing of the product represents the largest environmental impact. Therefore, at Hoppekids, we have done a lot to ensure that your new furniture has the longest possible lifespan. The Swan-labeled furniture from Hoppekids meets strict requirements for how they affect the environment and health, as well as the safety and quality of the products.

Our beds should be able to be passed down - for example, from older sister to younger brother. At the same time, it should be able to be adapted to the room where the bed is located and the child who will sleep in the bed. Therefore, our furniture is flexible and can be changed when you have the need. You can do this, for example, by adding a new module under a junior bed - and suddenly you have a loft bed. We have had great pleasure in collaborating with the Swan label because they have helped us go through the entire lifecycle of the furniture - from before the trees are felled, to when the bed is taken away for recycling.

The result is a production that has the smallest possible impact on the climate and that only uses wood from sustainable forestry. At the same time, it also means that our products have the least possible impact on the indoor climate of the children's room. We do this, among other things, by only using water-based lacquer that does not contain unnecessary chemicals. We usually say that you can "taste" our furniture, precisely because they do not contain harmful chemicals... but honestly: They don't taste as good as chocolate...!

It's about the children

Hoppekids' dream is to create a better future for children. That is the essence of everything we do. It is the heart and soul of our everyday life.

We fight for a better future by

  • Creating the safest and most sustainable children's furniture that supports good sleep, play, and creative learning
  • Constantly improving ourselves in relation to the strict requirements for the environment, health, and quality set by the 5 Nordic countries for the Swan label (read more at Swan label)
  • Getting involved in good initiatives that make a lasting difference for children and for those who fight for their cause (read more at Hoppekids Care - It's about the children)