Is the best thing in the world to climb the princess tower and behold the kingdom? Or to host a teddy bear tea party in the royal chambers below the grand balcony?

Fairytale Flower is a wonderful opportunity for your child to frolic in beautiful pink surroundings that fit your little princess or prince perfectly. You’ll have to bring the pumpkin chariot yourself, but the ballroom has been decorated with this universe.

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Your very own castle

Isn't it the best thing in the world to be able to climb up your princess tower or float on a pink cloud while gazing at your kingdom? Or to have a tea party with the teddy bears in the castle chambers under the balcony?

Fairytale Flower offers your child the opportunity to romp in beautiful, pink surroundings that are perfect for a little princess or prince. You'll have to arrange the pumpkin-shaped carriage yourself, but this textile series ensures that the ballroom is beautifully decorated.

An enchanting world

Imagine being the princess on the pea, Cinderella, Snow White, or one of the many other fairy tale characters that have been told about so often. Let yourself be enchanted by the magical universe and use and develop your imagination.

In our Fairytale Flower series, you'll find curtains for both half-height and mid-height beds. Additionally, the series includes a lot of accessories that you can use to decorate your junior bed.