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A magical place

The heavy, glittering snow crunches under
the feet and you can see your breath when stepping out into the landscape. The lace and the
beautiful mountains protect the castle from the cold, and when going out to play, it is
good to remember the sweater.

There is full speed, and you can make
snow angels, sled with polar foxes or go on a trip in a hot air balloon and gaze out
over the sparkling snowy landscape. Put on your snow boots and explore Winter
Wonderland's frozen tunnels, crunching towers, and beautiful landscapes.

A magical children's room

In our Winter Wonderlang series, you will find curtains for both mid sleeper and medium-loft beds. In addition, the series includes a lot of accessories that you can decorate your junior bed with.

The Winter Wonderland curtain comes in two different versions - the traditional curtain and as something new, a curtain with tulle, which adds a little extra winter magic to the bed. At the same time, both the bean bag chair and one of the pillows are available in knit, which of course can still be washed.