Move into the adventure of the Steadfast Tin Soldier, who embarks upon the journey of his life in search of his ballerina. With the story of the Steadfast Tin Soldier, you can move into the magical and adventurous world, where imagination brings the Steadfast Tin Soldier to life and where creativity invites you to play new games.

The Tin Soldier theme from Hoppekids brings the fairy tale of the Steadfast Tin Soldier to life, in calm colors that fit into any adventurous children's room.

Let the magical adventure inspire you on this page!


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Hoppekids Tin Soldier Bed CurtainHoppekids Tin Soldier Bed Curtain
Hoppekids Tin Soldier Bed Curtain Sale priceFrom €119,00
Hoppekids Tin Soldier TunnelHoppekids Tin Soldier Tunnel
Hoppekids Tin Soldier Tunnel Sale price€149,00
Hoppekids Tin Soldier PillowHoppekids Tin Soldier Pillow
Hoppekids Tin Soldier Pillow Sale price€49,00

Once upon a time...

"Once upon a time there were twenty-five tin soldiers, who were all brothers, as they were born from an old tin spoon.."

This is how H.C. Andersen's fairy tale about the steadfast tin soldier begins. The tin soldier theme is available in bed curtains, a tunnel to build a fort or have a quiet moment to read stories, and pillows to complete the theme and make the children's room extra cozy.

The tin soldier theme is designed in a calm blue color, where the tin soldier plays a central role and is accompanied by elements from the fairy tale, including fish and a boat made of newspaper. With all the elements gathered, imagination can be set free and the fairy tale can come to life in a whole new way, and who knows, maybe with a completely new ending?

Let the magic begin

The tin soldier theme is meant to bring magic into the children's room and let their imagination run wild. With the curtain for the mid sleeper and medium-loft bed, the space under the bed is transformed into a cave where imagination can roam free and new adventurous stories can be created. Decorate the children's room with the theme's accompanying pillows to create a common thread and make the cave under the bed and the tunnel extra cozy.

-The curtains are available for our mid sleeper and medium-loft beds in 70x160 cm.