The perfect mattress is the cornerstone of a good night's sleep. It is individual which type of mattress one prefers. At Hoppekids, you will find a wide range of mattress types with various quality features. When choosing a mattress for children, you can explore which mattresses are best and which type best suits your child's needs.

You can read more about the different mattresses under each category or further down.


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Hoppekids ECO Dream MattressHoppekids ECO Dream Mattress
Hoppekids ECO Dream Mattress Sale priceFrom €349,00
Hoppekids ECO Luxury MattressHoppekids ECO Luxury Mattress
Hoppekids ECO Luxury Mattress Sale priceFrom €499,00
Hoppekids ECO Dream Baby MattressHoppekids ECO Dream Baby Mattress
Hoppekids ECO Dream Baby Mattress Sale priceFrom €139,00
Hoppekids Cold Foam Mattress including coverHoppekids Cold Foam Mattress including cover
Hoppekids Foam Mattress including coverHoppekids Foam Mattress including cover
Hoppekids cold foam mattress including quilted coverHoppekids cold foam mattress including quilted cover
Hoppekids foam mattress including quilted coverHoppekids foam mattress including quilted cover
Hoppekids mattress with linen filter for playpenHoppekids mattress with linen filter for playpen
Hoppekids linen mattress including coverHoppekids linen mattress including cover
4-part mattress for JUMBO bed in Granite Grey4-part mattress for JUMBO bed in Granite Grey
5-split mattress for lounge module in Granite Grey5-split mattress for lounge module in Granite Grey

What mattress should I choose?

When it comes to decorating a child's room, there are many considerations - what function should the room have - bedroom, playroom and homework room? You quickly start to think about what colours and decorations on the walls will create the right atmosphere, and what furniture is appropriate for the child's age. At the same time, it matters what personality your child has and what is popular, fun and safe?

The mattress may therefore not be the most obvious thing to consider - but you're bound to get some very good advice, because choosing a mattress is just as important when decorating your child's room. The mattress will help your child get a good night's sleep, which is essential for a child. Because sleep is where your child recharges for a new day and, not least, helps with their development. So the choice of mattress is at least as important as the choice of bed. 

When choosing a mattress you need to consider several things. What should the mattress be made of? what should it be able to do? Below you can read more about what the different types of mattress are made of and what their characteristics are. 

Tips for choosing a mattress for kids

When choosing a mattress for your children it is a good idea to consider these things:

  • If it’s a firm foam or latex mattress, for children under 50 kg.
  • If the mattress is breathable.
  • If the mattress has a long durability.
  • If the cover for the mattress is washable.
  • If the mattress is allergy friendly - it may be a good idea to choose an allergy-friendly mattress if you either have / are sensitive to allergies.

Another thing to be aware of when choosing a mattress for your children's bed is how thick the mattress can be, as there can be differences in what is recommended for different bed models. This is particularly important when choosing a loft bed, so that the distance between the mattress and the edge of the bed is not too small.

For the ECO Comfort and ECO Dream series from Hoppekids, it is recommended that the mattress height does not exceed 9 cm, as their bed edges are not as high as the ECO Luxury beds.

For ECO Luxury and DELUXE beds, it is recommended that the mattress has a maximum height of 12 cm. This does allow you to have a thicker mattress.

What type of mattress is best for kids?

The ECO mattresses is available in two different versions: ECO Dream & ECO Luxury which are respectively 9 cm and 12 cm high. The best thing about the ECO Mattresses is that they are allergy-friendly and carries the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, so live up to very strict requirement regarding the environment, health, quality and safety.

The mattresses are made of a foam called Waterlily®, which is some of the most environmentally-friendly foam on the market both regarding the raw materials used and the disposal of it, which you can ready more about here.

The ECO mattresses do come with a cover which is made of bamboo fibers on the outside and quilted thermo wool on the inside to wick moisture and heat away from the body. The cover can also be washed at 60°C. 

The great thing about the ECO mattresses is that they provide great support and hold their shape while feeling soft - making them even better than cold foam mattresses. The mattresses are also made with either horizontal or vertical air channels for optimal airflow temperature and moisture control.


The cold foam mattress is known for its firmness and high comfort. The benefits of cold foam are that it is naturally fire retardant and has a longer life span than regular foam. In addition, the foam is Oeko-Tek certified, which ensures that the mattress is free of unnecessary and harmful chemicals.

The foam mattress is a fine mattress for the children's bed, providing good support and a comfortable night's sleep. The mattress is also Oeko-Tek certified. The classic foam mattress is an obvious choice for the pull-out bed, as it is not used as often, while being available at an affordable price. 

We also recommend purchasing a cover for the cold foam and foam mattress, as this will help protect and extend the life of the mattress.