The cradle is your baby’s first real sleeping place after being carried around in a belly for nine months. Therefore, it is essential that the sleeping place is a safe and secure place where your baby can adjust to being outside in the real world.

Why choose the cradle?

There are plenty of advantages in choosing a cradle instead of a cot or letting the baby sleep in the bed with you.

After nine months, your baby has gotten used to being rocked around in the tummy. The cradle recreates the rocking movement. This makes it feel safe, natural and relaxing for your baby – just as it feels natural for you to comfort by rocking and carrying him or her in your arms.

At the same time, the rocking motion stimulates your baby’s balance which is the grounds for their future motor skill development. The cradle therefore comes as a developing and more natural extension of the time in the belly than, for instance, the cot.

Baby wants to be put in the corner

Newborn babies should not have too much space around them because they are just getting used to being out in the big world instead of in mom’s safe, but confined belly.

The cradle is good because you rarely have to adjust the sleeping area with, for instance, a bed crib bunker or similer. At the same time the slightly smaller size is practical when you have to find space for it in your bedroom. For your baby’s own safety it is recommended that the baby sleep in the same room as you for the first three months.

More sleep for you

The time with a newborn is always tough both because you will not get as much sleep as usual but also because a new, little person, who has to be watched and cared for, has arrived. Some parents choose to let the baby sleep in their bed – which can be a solution as well – as long as you do not place the baby between you.

Lying in between you creates a greater risk of injury and authorities advise against it. Your baby will need as much space in your bed as in their own and it can be a challenge to fit three people in a bed meant for two without losing sleep.

The cradle makes sure the baby has their own space while still being right next to you. And when the cradle is right there, it is still very easy to comfort and breastfeed without really having to get out of bed.

Life of a cradle after the first six months

It is no secret that you have to buy a lot of stuff for the new arrival. That is also why it might seem over the top to buy a cradle which will only be used as a sleeping space for about six months before it gets too small.

Hoppekids want all of our furniture to be used – and reused – for a long time because it is far better for the environment if only few pieces of furniture have to be produced. That is why the cradle is made from solid wood which makes it sturdy and very durable. It can also be reshaped into a great little bench that your child can use for many years.
If a little brother or sister arrives, it can easily be made into a cradle again, and because it is so durable, it will last for generations.




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