Hoppekids ECO Dream module for Mid Sleeper bed

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The ECO Dream Half-height bed in size 70x190 cm from Hoppekids is a small and practical bed. It fits into even the smallest children's rooms and provides extra floor space. At the same time, its height of 105 cm is really good because it is high enough that you have to climb into bed, but not so high that it can feel dangerous.

Under the bed, there is plenty of opportunity for storage or extra floor space. If you hang curtains in front of the bed, you can create the coziest hideout - possibly decorate it with fairy lights, nice pictures, a mattress, pillows, and blankets.

The bed is Swan-labeled. The Swan label is your guarantee that the product complies with all EU standards for children's furniture and has been tested accordingly. At the same time, the greatest possible consideration is given to the environment both when purchasing raw materials, during production itself, throughout the product's life, and when the product needs to be disposed of.

The surface is treated with environmentally friendly, water-based lacquer, free of unnecessary chemicals and harmful substances.

Size 70x190 cm provides plenty of room to grow and the child can use the bed until they are ready for a teenage room. At the same time, the bed is not larger than it can fit into even small rooms.

NOTE: Please note that this is the module for building the half-height bed, and not the entire bed. The ECO Dream Junior Bed 70x190 cm must be purchased separately.

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Product details for Hoppekids ECO Dream module for Mid Sleeper bed

Max. mattress height
9 cm
Height under bed
69 cm
Bed posts
52x52 mm
1050 mm