Hoppekids Ole Lukoie Bed Canopy for House Bed, Red

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With the bed curtain from Ole Lukoie, you can easily create a cozy and safe atmosphere in the children's room, and in the bed. The curtain creates a cave-like atmosphere at one end of the bed, without completely closing off the rest of the room. The curtain has the finest red color with a print of Ole Lukøje with an umbrella.

Optionally, decorate the bed with fairy lights and other cozy things to make the bed more personal.

NOTE: Please note that this is the curtain for the bed.
Bed and other accessories are purchased separately.

The curtain is available in several colors.

Hans Christian Andersen is probably Denmark's most famous poet, whose timeless stories continue to entertain children as well as adults. The textiles celebrate some of H. C. Andersen's fantastic stories and can be a good way for you to open up for storytelling and (re)visits to the fairy tale world.

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