Hoppekids Quilted bed bumper 60x120 cm, White

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The beautiful, quilted bed bumper from Hoppekids provides extra peace and security in the bed while also protecting the child from drafts and cold.

The bed bumper protects the little arms and legs from getting caught between the bars and also creates a soft barrier so the child doesn't hurt themselves if they kick or hit the sides of the bed.

The bed bumper is white and creates a calm and subdued feeling in the bed. The bed bumper can also shield the child from sounds and light from the surroundings, making it easier for the child to relax and fall asleep.

As an added bonus, the bed bumper also prevents pacifiers, stuffed animals, and other soft friends from sneaking out of the bed during the night.

The bed bumper is easily attached with small ties that are tied around the bed's bars. The bed bumper is closed with Velcro straps and can be washed at 30 degrees.