Hoppekids ECO Luxury ladder for family Bunk Bed

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This slanted ladder is suitable for the ECO Luxury Family Bunk Bed from Hoppekids.

The ladder can be mounted on either the right or left side. The ladder is securely attached to the bed rail, which must be purchased separately.

Safety is a top priority
The ladders for the ECO Luxury series have deep steps and grooves, making the climb up the ladder extra safe. If you choose a slanted ladder, the climb can be a bit easier because the ladder is not as steep - however, it takes up a bit more space in the room.
A convenient handle can be purchased and mounted on the edge of the ladder. This provides your child with something to hold onto and increases safety when getting up and down from the bed.

The ladder is Swan-labeledThe ladder, like the rest of the ECO Luxury series, is Swan-labeled.
The Swan label is your guarantee that the product complies with all EU standards for children's furniture and has been tested accordingly. At the same time, the greatest possible consideration is given to the environment, both in the procurement of raw materials, during production, throughout the product's lifespan, and when the product needs to be disposed of.

The surface is treated with environmentally friendly, water-based lacquer, free from unnecessary chemicals and harmful substances.

A ladder with a lifetime guaranteeThe ECO Luxury series comes with a lifetime guarantee. The lifetime guarantee covers manufacturing defects. Read more about the lifetime guarantee at hoppekids.com, where the bed must also be registered.

Note: This is only the ladder. Beds and other accessories are sold separately.

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