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Between Bed Headboard for DELUXE beds from Hoppekids. This bed headboard forms the foot or head end for all DELUXE beds. Combine it with a bed headboard of a different or the same height and luxurious accessories to create the perfect sofa bed for your child's room.

The DELUXE bed from Hoppekids is the classic sofa bed with a modern twist. Attention has been paid to the details - both in the bed and accessories. This brings comfort and quality to the top. All DELUXE beds come in size 90x200 cm.

The bed headboards come in three different heights: low - 48 cm, medium - 64 cm, and high - 90 cm.

The accessories for DELUXE are carefully selected and focus on optimizing the use of space under the bed. For example, a brilliant pull-out bed can be purchased, which has both an extra bed and large, spacious storage drawers. The pull-out bed is available in two depths, so you can choose based on how much space you have in front of the bed.

An removable bed rail can also be purchased. This allows DELUXE to be used as the first bed after the crib. The bed rail can either be removed during the day or securely attached in a discreet manner that does not leave visible marks on the bed.

Note: This is the bed headboard for the DELUXE bed. It includes one bed headboard with a height of 64 cm. Bed side, other headboard, mattress, and accessories must be purchased separately.

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